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Cricket Bet Maistro

  • Feature Rich

    Has many features which makes it very powerful.

  • Maintain Ledger

    You may easily manage the ledger accounts.


  • Easy interface

    Very easy to use.


  • Real-Time Reporting

    Quickly makes reports for daily use.

  • Party Management

    You may enter every detail about parties.

  • Customizable

    You may set it according to your needs.

  • CBM Features

    1. See Live Rates from Betfair In CBM software
    2. See Live Player score from sportingindex in CBM Software
    3. Partners Loss/ Profit calculations Automatic.
    4. Party Loss/ Profit calculations Automatic.
    5. A/c Ledger for Party and Partners with Monday final
    6. Cash Book and Day Book
    7. Transfer entry system in Party ledger.
    8. CBM Provide Match, Session, Player , Khadda, Meeter Bets.
    9. Transfer account to another party
    10. Transfer Less to another Party.
    11. Limit For Party Loss.
    12. Patti For another Party in Party Loss / Profit
    13. Ground Wise Records Reports
    14. Player wise performance Against Team Reports
    15. Player wise performance Against Ground Reports
    15. Match wise Delete and Modify Entries Record

Download now

Download all following files to install CBM.


For software installation u have to run CBMSetup file, after finish this setup you are ready to use CBM Software.

  1. CBM Setup - Main Software Setup File (Required)

  2. CBM RunTime Setup - Runtime Setup File (Required)

  3. Download Manager - Free Download Manager

  4. .Net Framework 3.5 Setup - Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 (Not required on win 7)

  5. CBMLive Setup - Live Fast Rates

  6. CBM Update Setup - Update Setup File (Not Required)

  7. Team Viewer Full Setup - For Online Support only

  8. AMMYY File - For Online Support only

  9. Any Desk - For Online Support only

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